Become a confident integrated man who builds fulfilling relationships and gets what he wants out of life with ease


Bonds That Empower

Your relationships are the mirrors reflecting your emotional wisdom


Stand Tall, Stand Proud

When you believe in yourself, the world believes in you too


Charm That Opens Doors

Charisma is your silent yet potent ally in every interaction


The Quiet Force Within

In the fortress of discipline, your goals find their battlefield


Financial Freedom

Your financial strategy is the unseen hand that molds your destiny

Leveling Up

Rise, Regardless

Your next level demands your evolution, not your hesitation

Our Mission

Make Men Manly Again

Men today are viewed as disposable; they're only getting softer and more compliant as masculinity is vilified while many women position themselves as victims of it. The result is a plethora of co-dependent "Nice Guys" that do nothing but serve and validate in the hopes they'll be "rewarded" for it and when they don't get it, they're anything but "nice".

They’ve been tricked into thinking the keys to success are hard work and sacrifice and that if they avoid being a "toxic male" while worshiping women and feminine values they'll get what they want, it's a lie.

It's our mission to teach men how to navigate the challenges of relationships, work, and desire while having a rational approach to solving the problems they face so they can get what they want out of every situation. Magnetic Men don't settle, they exude confidence and charisma, they have a vision and direction for their life, and they'll stop at nothing to get it.

What is a Magnetic Man?

And why should you put in the work to become one?

A magnetic man is someone who doesn’t hesitate to take ownership and responsibility for themselves and the people around them. Their discipline drives them toward peak performance in all areas of life. They’re attractive and get what they want with almost no effort.

They command respect with a domineering presence that exudes wisdom, confidence, and charisma. They have their own unique style which only they can pull off. They can be soft but assertive, respectful but secure, kind but definitely not nice.

They are always the first to step up or volunteer for leadership. They understand that ownership is power, so, they’re not afraid of hard work, they just get it done. They may be picky about who they allow into their circle, but the lucky few around them feel happy, safe, and secure. They’re NOT arrogant or cold, and they don’t exhibit toxic traits.

I’ll bet you’ve met a magnetic man before. Maybe it was your father, grandfather, or a prolific member of your community growing up. Do you remember how you felt around them? How their presence commanded a warm respect from you and everyone else in the room without even trying?

Did you ever wonder how they did it, or what it was about them? The way they carried themselves. How they could reserve and control their reactions and respond with the necessary emotion for the situation. Everyone looked to them for advice and would never think to question their resolve. I’ll bet you can even remember the way they smelled.

They were men on their own mission in life. And our mission is to give away all his secrets…

Programs & Community

What we cover

Survive Divorce and Breakups

Your Divorce Support Group

Improve Relationships or Dating Life

Becoming Decisive and Assertive

Achieve Peak Performance

Becoming Your Best Self

Exemplify Confidence and Charisma

Becoming Magnetic and Attractive

The Magnetic Manifesto

These principles are extremely simple but not always easy to do...

  1. Man the f*ck up, stop making excuses, and take some responsibility
  2. Quit being such a b*tch and be more decisive, talk less and act more
  3. Quit b*tching about everything and be more assertive, speak your mind
  4. Stop caring about what other people think of you and be more confident
  5. Don’t take things too seriously and stop being so emotional all the time
  6. Take care of yourself, start working out, eat right, look good and feel good
  7. Dress for success, take a shower, put on deodorant, and buy some cologne
  8. Be honest about your intentions and stand up for what you believe in
  9. Get your money right, start a business or side hustle and be more independent
  10. Be more social, get better at conversation & flirting, don’t fear rejection
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