Why we created the club

Magnetic Men Club was created to help men tap into their true purpose so they can attract what they really want out of life.

About Us

After noticing the trends in our society with men becoming weaker and the rise of feminism we were called to action to create the Magnetic Men Club!

Now we don’t consider ourselves “red pill”… although some of those ideologies make sense. But below you’ll see why we’ve aligned to create this brotherhood and movement for men to reclaim their masculinity and become all that they can be.


The Magnetic Men Code

Men in today’s society have forgotten (or never really understood in the first place) what it truly means to be a man. How could they? Most of the time, the’re raised by women, taught by women in schools, and majority of the people influencing them in their lives are women.

The majority of the media influences out there are also pushing feminine values that masculinity has become villainized. The term “masculinity” has practically become synonymous for being a dick, which isn’t true at all.

What Our Brotherhood Asks For Help With

Dating & Relationships 95%
Reinvention After Divorce or a Breakup 90%
Becoming a High Value Man 84%
Achieving Peak Performance 82%
Masculine & Feminine Polarity 74%

“Something needed to change - and fast. But it wasn’t the world, government, or women that needed to change. It was me.”

Masculinity, as well as femininity, much like a magnet is just the push and pull of polarizing energies. You can’t have one without the other. When we don’t have polarity, we just end up repelling one another. We have to learn to leverage our energies in both the masculine & feminine, and not villainize one another.

That’s the secret to creating truly rewarding relationships with one another.

The fact of the matter is, it all comes down to attraction. In order to attract the things you want to you, you need to behave in a certain way, while taking action on going after the things you want. Not only that, but a big philosophy we teach is that attraction only grows in space.

You have to become the magnet for what you want, but also initiate the actions that it takes in order to achieve it.

Magnetic Men Club is here to help men build their confidence so they can be charismatic in their everyday lives. We’re not here to talk about what women want… We’re here to talk about what WE want.

We’re here to help men find their path and direction in life, to help them become all that they can be—and to uncover what it means to become the fully optimized version of themselves.


Bonds That Empower

Your relationships are the mirrors reflecting your emotional wisdom


Stand Tall, Stand Proud

When you believe in yourself, the world believes in you too


Charm That Opens Doors

Charisma is your silent yet potent ally in every interaction


The Quiet Force Within

In the fortress of discipline, your goals find their battlefield


Financial Freedom

Your financial strategy is the unseen hand that molds your destiny

Leveling Up

Rise, Regardless

Your next level demands your evolution, not your hesitation
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What we cover

Survive Divorce and Breakups

Your Divorce Support Group

Improve Relationships or Dating Life

Becoming Decisive and Assertive

Achieve Peak Performance

Becoming Your Best Self

Exemplify Confidence and Charisma

Becoming Magnetic and Attractive
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A Word From Our Founder

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

My one goal/purpose in life:

I hope to become and ever evolve into the person I was destined to be, to aspire only to that of which I was uniquely formed to be. Just to be me- for it’s all I can be and all I can offer this world.

My “why” is to be significant in someone’s life, not successful in mine. To help others realize that they are more than what they have become. To offer whatever talents or insights God gave me to uplift those who truly want to have an impactful life.

This is what I hope to aspire in my career and my life pilgrimage, that my life will bring meaning to those who are lost in the shadows. That’s genuinely what I seek to accomplish in my lifetime.

I don’t want to be the president of some Fortune 500 company or even the president of the world, if I can accomplish this, my life will have served its purpose.

My greatest fear in life is not reaching that pinnacle in my lifetime.

Behind the Brand

Meet the Magnetic Team

Jerod Schoonmaker

Men's Life & Dating Coach

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Chase Snow

Men's Life & Business Coach

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Kimberly Snow

Project & Content Manager

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Nate Schibeci

Production & Editing

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