Why Women LOVE and NEED Your Attention

Your attention is the most important thing you have to offer when it comes to dating. That’s right,  attention is the most powerful currency you have when trying to woo a woman. Why?
Because women love and need attention. They’re attention seekers. That’s how it’s supposed to work; Women seek attention, men seek sex. The most powerful weapon and currency you have is attention. That is the only thing you have. It’s not your money or your looks. It’s not your status or any of those things. It’s your attention.

The most powerful weapon you have as a man is your attention. That's the only weapon you have for women.

1. Women are hardwired to crave attention.

This is why girls on social media have their asses out and duck faces saying “feeling cute”. It’s a dopamine hit when their phone goes off from a new like, comment, or DM.
This is why many are addicted to social media because it hits those receptors. Inherently, women have always sought attention. Now it isn’t a bad thing, that’s how its supposed to work and has for thousands of years.
Women seek attention – men seek sex. A man gives a woman his attention, his time, and effort, and then she gives him sex.
Then social media comes along and women can get all of the validation and attention they want without giving up sex. So, for all of you thirsty f*cks out there; if you’re liking, hearting, and messaging girls, what you’re actually doing is giving them free dopamine hits and they don’t have to give you sex.

why women crave your attention

2. Women hate it when you don’t give them your attention

When you give a woman attention, you are essentially telling her that she is the only thing that matters at that moment. For example, let’s say there’s a women who’s interested in a couple guys. If one is constantly giving her attention, but then other doesn’t – it drives her insane.
Who do you think she’s gonna be looking at more? Generally they’ll think “Why doesn’t this guy like or engage with any of my shit? How come he’s not giving me attention?” It drives women crazy when you don’t give them attention. It makes them think there must be something about him. There’s something mysterious about him, I want to know more… IT F*CKING WORKS!
Another example, there’s this one girl who I never really engaged with, and I liked a picture she posted of her and her dog. She immediately messaged me “Of all the other pictures I post, why did you like this one?” I told her, “I like your dog.” It completely pissed her off.

3. Your Attention demonstrates your value

In today’s world, people are constantly bombarded with messages from every direction. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to demonstrate that you’re worth paying attention to. One of the most important ways to do this is by being intentional about who you give your attention to.
Only give attention to women that you genuinely feel interested in trying to date or be in a relationship with. Don’t become just a texting buddy to them. When you’re thoughtful and selective about who you give attention to, it shows that you’re a high-value man with a lot of options. This makes you even more attractive to women.
So next time you’re trying to decide whether or not to respond to a woman’s text, ask yourself if she’s someone that you would want to date. If she is, then make sure you take the time to craft a thoughtful and engaging response. If she isn’t, then it’s probably not worth your time.


Attention is the most valuable currency you have as a man. When you give attention to someone, you are investing in that relationship, and you should only do so if you genuinely want to build a relationship. Be thoughtful and selective about who you give your attention to.
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