Hypergamy: How to Use It to Your Advantage

Hypergamy is an evolutionary trait seen in women who seek out partners of higher value and status. By understanding how it works, you can use this natural occurrence to your benefit; becoming the ideal choice for whom you have feelings for.

Why hypergamy is a good thing

Hypergamy is not a bad thing, it’s just the way it is. In order to attract a high-level woman, you need to be a high-level man. In this blog post, we will be discussing 7 different ways to use hypergamy to your advantage. You can use hypergamy as an opportunity to level up as a man to become her best option.

How to use hypergamy to your advantage

Get your life in order

The first step in becoming a high-value man is to get your life in order. This means removing toxic people from your life. By removing toxic people, you then want to surround yourself with higher-level people. It also means setting goals for yourself and executing them. Women love a man who has a purpose and is working towards something. Building your skills and doing things for yourself is also key. Women appreciate a man who takes responsibility for his life. Additionally, when he recognizes his failures and mistakes but learns to move forward.

Become a high-value man

In order to become a high-value man, you need to increase your value and provide value to others. Give your talents and insights to others without expectation of getting anything back. Be useful by fixing things and solving problems. Men should also learn basic skills like automotive repair or carpentry. These skills will come in handy throughout your life. Having a positive mental attitude and always looking for the positive is also important. People are far more attracted to those who don’t complain or tear others down, but rather bring them up. Being accountable and following through on what you say you’re going to do is also key.

Focus on yourself

When it comes to attracting women, it’s important to focus on yourself and what you want out of life. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t worry about what others think. Show that you are a leader by doing what you want to do and living your life to the fullest.

Become a protector and provider

Women want to feel safe and secure, and they want to know that they can rely on you. Getting in shape and looking the part is important, as well as learning a skill like boxing. Being a good provider is also important. Women want a man who can generate income and be resourceful.

Have strong values

The things that you find important to you, you should do. Self-awareness is key in this area.

Stop simping

Simping is when you do things for women with the hope of getting in their pants. Being a people pleaser or a “nice guy” is not attractive to women. Instead, be a man of integrity and stand on your own ground.

Become scarce

Becoming scarce means starting your hustle and grind in quiet. Remove yourself from the situation and let people start to notice and ask where you went. Pop back up as a better version of yourself. This creates scarcity and makes you more attractive to women.


Women in a certain sense of hypergamy are always looking for the best option. You just simply have to become her best option. Hypergamy is not a bad thing, it just is what it is. It’s women’s nature.

why hypergamy is good
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