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Only Give Her What She Earns – How To Find a Respectable Woman

Before getting all triggered or defensive… hear me out! In this video, we’re using an analogy of hiring someone to do a job. We’ll dive into how men and women should treat each other in a relationship and challenge the traditional notion of love stories and encourage you to look at relationships as a business decision, especially as you get older.

We all have our own “personal brand” whether you’re actively aware and working to improve it or not.. you still have one. And your personal brand is affected by the people you choose to associate with, including your romantic partner.

It’s far more than looking at a woman’s beauty or other physical attributes that you should consider when trying to date (or marry) her. You must look beyond that, and find a respectable woman with aligned goals and values.

Just like if you are running a business, you want to hire talent that is a good fit, will represent your brand well, and has aligned goals and values.
Treat a woman like a worker, and she’ll treat you like a boss and she will respect you.

You have to protect your brand, so ensure you’re only giving a woman what she earns. Overgiving or overloving can also cause her to lose interest. Women want a challenge, so men should make them earn their time and attention.

If you’re tired of the same old relationship advice and ready for a fresh perspective, be sure to tune in. These principles will revolutionize the way you approach your love life.

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