Signs a Woman Wants You To Notice Her

It can be challenging for some men to recognize women’s subtle signs. When it comes to expressing interest, women aren’t often as outspoken as males. In this article & video, Jerod talks about five signs a woman is interested in you. So if you’re having difficulties interpreting her cues, keep an eye out for these subtle clues. A woman is interested in you if she is displaying any of these signs.

Signs A Woman is Interested in You


Three Eye Invite

When looking for the signs a woman is interested in you, there’s subtle and common signs. This is the act of looking away, and then looking back at you. This is often done as a way of gauging someone’s reaction. If someone does this and you don’t pick up on it, the person will usually stop doing it. If you’re interested in someone and they do this, it’s usually a sign that they’re interested in you too. So, if you want to make your move, now is the time!

Body Language

Another sign a woman is interested in you is when she begins to open up to you. If she reveals part of herself to you such as her neck, which is a very vulnerable area of her body. She’s welcoming you in by being more relaxed and open so you can get to know her better. Women value their hair , so if she starts fidgeting with it or her jewelry, it’s a sign that she wants to catch your eye. Don’t take a woman’s interest for granted. If you’re fortunate enough to pique her curiosity then, make an effort to pursue her and learn more about her.

She Closes The Gap

A woman moving closer to you is an sign that she’s attracted to you and feels secure around you. If you’re making her comfortable, she’ll begin to close the distance between you two. It’s crucial to be aware of this subtleause guys often overlook it. Move in closer yourself as soon as you know she is coming near. She’ll understand that you’re interested in her and make her feel at ease if you do this.

Easy Exit Conversation Starters

Take advantage of the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a woman. If a woman approaches you to ask a quick question try to start a conversation. Most women find it awkward or uncomfortable to approach strangers. So use this opportunity to ask a question that demands more than a one-word response. If she answers go ahead and converse; if not, kindly give her the info or thank her and go on. In either case, make sure to end the conversation politely to avoid upsetting her.

Woman Wants You To Notice Her Checking You Out

Have you ever noticed a woman who keeps looking at you? What about each time you notice her looking, then quickly looks away. This is a subtle way to get your attention and show interest. If a woman is staring at you make eye contact and maintain it for a few seconds, then looking away. By doing so, you’ll convey your interest in her. But, it’s up to you to as the man to approach her. She will love your approach if you make sure to maintain your confidence, ease, and positivity.


You can now watch for these signs now that you are aware of them. These certain indications show that a woman wants you to notice her or she’s interested in you. If you see these choosing signals, it take it as a sign to approach and inquire about the her interest in you. It is crucial to be respectful and take things if you’re interested in a woman. Allow the woman to give you these cues and she will let you know if she has any interest in you. That is when it’s time for you to make your move. Thank you for reading; if you found it useful, please like, share and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
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