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The 5 Top Reasons Why Women Don’t Like or Notice You

If you have a problem attracting women or getting a girlfriend, these are 5 reasons why women don’t like or notice you.

Attractiveness is subjective, but appearance is a little more concrete. How do you dress and present yourself to the world? That's your appearance. The better you appear, the more attractive you become.

Women Don’t Like Your Shit Attitude

If you’re a negative nancy or always putting people down. In addition, if you speak about yourself negatively, then you have a shit attitude.

You need to fix your attitude and fix your language. The language you speak about yourself or others creates a negative energy and aura and no woman wants to be around that.


Your Boring Lifestyle

You don’t do anything exciting, or have any cool stories about your past. If you’re young and don’t yet have any cool or fun experiences yet, you’ll get there. However, if you’re an older guy and don’t bring a splash of excitement, women will think you’re boring.

If you travel, have an interesting lifestyle or an interesting job, then women are going to gravitate towards that.


Your Intention Are Creepy

If your intention is just to have sex vs. getting to know a woman; or have a conversation with her, then it will make her feel uncomfortable.

Your body language will give away your intention. You have to act in a way with what your intentions are. Let her know if you like her, but don’t be a creeper. Ask her out on a date directly. However, don’t say “I love your legs, I’d love to be your boyfriend.” That will make her run. Women don’t like that.


Women’ Dont Like That You Lack Confidence

If you’re not confident as a man, it’s going to leak out and she’ll feel the vibe that you’re not confident. This leads to women shit testing you. If you portray weakness or aren’t assertive, then it will also put out that creeper vibe.

This makes women think that you can’t protect them. Women will think “if he doesn’t have enough confidence in himself, then I will have to keep reassuring him.”

Women like a man that is confident. You have to create an aura of confidence. You have to do the inner work on yourself to become truly confident, and not just act as if. You can only fake it til you make it for so long.


You Lack Awareness of Your Own Appearance

In order to get your foot in the door, you have to have some sort of attractiveness.

Attractiveness is subjective, but appearance is a little more concrete. Do you dress well or like a toddler? Do you bathe, cut your nails, or brush your teeth? How do you present yourself to the world? That’s your appearance. The better you appear, the more attractive you become.

What you wear and how you take care of yourself makes your appearance seem more attractive.


So, with all the points listed above you can fix each of these things quickly. Particularly, it’s just recognizing the gap between your ideal self versus who you really are.

Finally, all of these require a massive degree of self-awareness. If you want to be a magnetic man or a man of high-value, then the biggest thing you need to do is focus on self-awareness.

If you want to test this, then ask your sister or a good female friend to critique you on these 5 points and tell you what you’re lacking. Perhaps you could as that woman that has friend zoned you, “What is it about me that wouldn’t make you sleep with me?” If you’re open enough, and she’s friendly enough, then she’ll tell you. Especially if you preface it with “I’m just looking for feedback to improve myself.”

If this was helpful for you, or if you have any ideas for topics you want us to cover on YouTube, then send us a message and let us know.

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