Should Men Pay For The First Date

It’s often asked around if men should pay for the first date with a woman. When you ask a woman out on a date, especially the first date, yes you should pay. Even for the first few dates, you should pay. In this article we’re going to talk about why men should pay for the date, tips on meeting up and ending the date, and setting up a second date.

Should Men Pay For The First Date?

Very early on the date you say "Hey, Beth, you know, thanks for meeting me out. You know, I'm going to pay for the bill, I invited you. I'm the man I want to pay." You want to get that out of the way so it that's not sitting in the back of her mind. She may have dated a lot of douchebags in the past who thought that they should be paying half."

Setting The Expectation From The Beginning

The bottom line is do you want her to have a good time? If she has it in the back of her mind if you’re expecting her to pay for half of this or that it could cause her to not fully enjoy her time. It’s important to set the expectation early on in the date. If you asked her out, or invited her on the date, tell her that you want to pay. Get that out of the way early so she doesn’t worry about that factor. She may have dated other guys in the past that thought she should pay half. If you’re trying to be a high-value man with traditional values, and be magnetic, pay for the date.

Meeting for the Date

If she’ll allow you to, set a time and place to pick her up. If she’s not comfortable with that, just set the place and time to meet. Don’t shower her with gifts as that’s a form of simping. Don’t even give her flowers on the first date, as that can be viewed as a bribe for sex as be seen as too soon. You just want to have a good time in a public place, not an extravagant meal or anything. You just want to get to know each other and have a good time together.

End The Date Within an Hour

If she drove herself, walk her out to her car, or drop her off if you rode together. Don’t tell her that you had a really good time, you don’t want to be feeding her ego. You want to keep an air of mystery about yourself. You could tell her thanks and that it was fun. If there was a lot of chemistry, then you could try to go in for the kiss. But keep it quick and short.. You want to be the first one to end the date before she’s ready and on your terms. This will create an open loop. Ideally, you only want the first date to be about an hour long, but if you’re just not into her, or if she has a bad attitude cut the date sooner. You want to cut the date around that 45 min to one hour mark.

Planning for a Second Date

When you’re the one to create the open loop and cut the first date before she’s ready, it will cause her to want to reach out to close that loop. Now if you liked her and had a good time, or felt there was good chemistry it makes sense to have another date. Wait for her to reach back out to you, or give it a couple weeks before you ask her out on another date.


So again, as a high-value man and especially if you asked her out on the first date, you should pay. You should also tell her early on that you will be fronting the bill. You want to keep the date around an hour long just to simply get to know one another. Cut the date on your terms and create that open loop.
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