How To Approach Women

If you struggle with or wonder how to approach women, this post is for you. In this video and blog, we’re sharing tips with you on how to approach women when looking to date.

You have to get to the point with women very quickly. You don't know if she's on her way to the hospital or why she is where she's at. So typically what I do is ask for her name. Then I'll say, "Hey, listen Megan, I'm running late and jumping into the store real quick. Would love to get to know you."

I was recently asked about how to approach women that you’re interested in. First I want to mention that our goal at Magnetic Men Club is to attract women and people in general to want to approach you. By being the best version of yourself and putting out a positive and magnetic aura naturally people will be attracted to you.
However when you do want to approach women, here are some tips you can follow to have success when approaching them.

Introduce Yourself

First, if you see a woman in person, then go ahead and introduce yourself. Approach her from the front, tell her your name, and put out your hand. Don’t use any of those cheesy pickup lines. Then, watch for subtle cues to see if she’s interested. If she shakes your hand and says nice to meet you, but then she doesn’t give you her name; that’s a subtle way of her saying she’s not interested.


Make her feel safe and comfortable

Don’t come up from behind and tap her on the shoulder. By doing this, it could catch her off guard and make her feel uncomfortable. It also helps if you approach her when she’s maybe with a few other people and not alone.


Keep the first interaction quick

You have to get to the point with women very quickly. You don’t know if she’s on her way to the hospital or why she is where she’s at. She may have other things going on (and you should too).

After introducing yourself if she’s interested, then you can proceed. Go ahead now and ask for her phone number or social media profile.


Approaching Women on Social Media

If you approach a woman on social media send her just a simple message. Compliment her eyes or hair or whatever it is you want. However, compliment something specific about her, nothing generic or cliche like “hey you’re beautiful”. She probably hears that all the time from a bunch of dudes.

After sending the message, don’t be a douche if she doesn’t reply or only replies “thanks.” Don’t continue on bothering her, she’s not interested in that case. If she has an attraction to you or is open to getting to know you, she’ll make it easy. Just watch for those subtle cues based on her responses, or lack thereof.

Just throw your initial message out there with a “fuck it” attitude. Again, if she’s interested she’ll make it easy for you, if not she won’t, then move on.


Instead focus on how to create attention

Again, our goal at Magnetic Men Club is to attract women and people in general to you. Women like to see a man with his own path and purpose, that alone will attract women to you.

Attention is the newest, and greatest currency. By being interesting and authentic, posting things on your social media about what you do and what you like, will inheritly attract people to you. However people are only attracted to you only if you post about your genuine goals, aspirations, and wins. If you post negative things, or dumb shit, then it will ensure women are repelled rather than attracted to you.

how to approach women - tip to approaching a woman


So hopefully the tips above will help you when it comes to how to approach women. Simply introduce yourself quickly in a safe and comfortable space. If you’re approaching a woman on social media, send her just a simple, but specific compliment. From there, just see how she responds and pay attention to the subtle cues she gives you.

If this was helpful for you, or if you would like to get more in-depth help on how to approach women, schedule your free coaching session by sending us a message. You can also subscribe to us on YouTube for more free content.

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