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Don’t Be a Simp

Simping is a behavior exhibited by men that often involves unfair or unequal exchange of value. Here Jerod Schoonmaker talks about what a simp is with examples and how can guys avoid being one.
Simps can be identified by their actions, such as constantly commenting on the physical beauty of women and not expecting any reciprocation. Simps also tend to be overly complimentary, showering compliments and bragging about accomplishments in an effort to receive attention from women, without providing any tangible value in return.


Simps fail to recognize the real value of women as individuals and instead focus on trying to impress them with their own accomplishments or resources. Usually, males behave selfishly when they boast to women about all of their successes, triumphs, and fantastic things they’ve done. To a woman, such conduct amounts to bragging. You’re merely attempting to elevate yourself by boasting, and ladies simply don’t give a damn about that. Yes, they seek a successful man, but not an arrogant one.


A man’s attention is his most potent weapon. You need to keep that in mind and give that some thought. All I’m doing is throwing up while paying attention to everyone. If you turn your attention back to your businesses and abandon your pursuit of your purpose, quality, and mission, your attention will be useless. Avoid pursuing ladies. Women will follow, but if you’re currently operating under that paradigm and simply doing this, stop and think about what you’re doing.


TLDR; Don’t be a Simp

Men should focus on developing meaningful relationships with women by engaging in mutual exchange, which strengthens both parties and allows for a more rewarding experience. Simping is not the way forward when it comes to interacting with women; there are much better ways to build positive connections that will offer genuine mutual benefit. Simps should recognize that a fair and equal exchange of value can lead to satisfaction for both parties. Simping should be seen as an outdated and unhelpful behavior that has no place in modern times. Men should work to build respectful, trusting relationships with women based on understanding and mutual benefit. This will ensure a fair exchange of value between men and women, creating long lasting connections that are rewarding for everyone involved.

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