Don’t Show Your Feminine Side Too Often

Polarity in energies is the key to a successful relationship. Both men and women need to be aware of their respective masculine and feminine energies.

When men and women are more in tune with these energies, it fosters the best relationship. Men in their masculine energy, helps build respect and security with women. If a man gets too emotional, or takes on too much of a feminine energy, it can lead to a lack of respect from the woman and erode the relationship. This is what Jerod Schoonmaker explains in this video.


Respect is essential for any relationship to thrive. If men stay in their masculine energy, then they are much more likely to maintain that respect. Women need to show love and appreciation for the man who displays a strong sense of masculinity. When a woman respects her man, the relationship is more likely to last.  

Being Emotional is Feminine:

If a man becomes too emotional or too feminine, it will start to chip away at the respect that woman has for him. When this happens, it can be almost impossible to repair the relationship. Respect and love go hand-in-hand when it comes to successful relationships. When either one of those start to fade it can have devastating effects on the relationship. 


It is important for men to stay in their masculine energy. Men should not become too emotional or too reliant on a woman’s love. Respect is key. If a man maintains his sense of purpose and masculinity, while also showing love and emotion, then he will be able to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with the woman he loves. Respect is essential for any successful relationship. Respect must also grow in order for the love between two people to flourish. Respect, love, and energy polarity all work together to create balanced relationships. It creates relationship built on trust and mutual understanding.


Relationships can be tricky to navigate. It is important for both involved to maintain their masculine and feminine energies for a healthy relationship. Polarity and love are essential elements of a successful relationship. When either one of those things starts to fade it could mean the end of the relationship. Respect is necessary for both parties for there to be trust and harmony. A man should stay true to his masculine energy to maintain respect from the woman he loves.


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